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You Earn Respect. It is NOT given or purchased.

A GREAT LEADER HAS EMPATHY. A great leader makes mature and thoughtful decisions for those whom he leads. A great leader instills confidence and trust. A great leader surrounds himself with excellent decision makers. A great leader eliminates the “I” and the “Me” in favor of the “We” and the “Us.” A great leader listens. A great leader accepts the blame and the responsibility for good and bad decisions made under his leadership.

During this Coronavirus, donald trump has shownhe is not a great leader or a good leader. In fact, donald trump is simply occupying space because he can. donald trump has shown he has no empathy. donald trump does not make thoughtful and mature decisions. donald trump does not surround himself with excellent decision makers. donald trump does not listen to anyone. donald trump happens to be a “leader” based on his being “selected” as the president of the United States.You look to the President of the United States to stand tall during the time of a crisis. To instill that confidence and hear proud meaningful words from the leader of the Free World. That mantle does not fall to donald trump.

To tell governors in the United States they are pretty much on their own dealing with the life and death circumstances of the Coronavirus is a reprehensible insult and should be grounds for serious charges of “dereliction of duty” and worse. trump told the governors, "He is not s shipping clerk." He's right he is not a shipping clerk but apparently he does not understand he is the President of the United States. American citizens look to him to lead. Not only is he not leading, he basically has insulted every American citizen with his incompetence and his race baiting. His insidious, dishonest, and disingenuous attitude has led to American deaths and will lead to many others before the Coronavirus pandemic is over.

Great leaders are made not born, and they rise to the occasion invariably during a crisis. Rising to the occasion does not now nor will it ever apply to donald trump. If he could not say "I" and "Me", he probably could not talk. donald trump does not fit any known parameters as a leader. There are many descriptive words which apply to donald trump, but leader is certainly not one of them. All donald trump is, is pathetic. Unfortunately, he is dangerously pathetic.

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