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White skin is not enough.

THE IMBECILIC INCOMPETENT NINCOMPOOP, whom some call president, and who recommended "shooting up" Clorox to fight the Coronavirus, had the unmitigated gall today to call President Obama "grossly incompetent." It is an example of a White male president with a fragile racist ego who shudders at the thought that his Black predecessor is held in much higher esteem than he, and is still thought of as a Helluva President.

trump cannot handle the fact President Obama's approval numbers are head and shoulders above his at every comparison of their administrations. donald trump, even with his narcissistic personality disorder, is fully aware he does not measure up to Barack Obama. What donald trump does have is "his White skin" and his White privilege. That got him elected, along with Putin and voter suppression, but "they" cannot help him administer to and lead 330 million Americans, which trump has proven he cannot do. You can truthfully describe donald trump as a cowardly wimp.

Oh he can try and dismiss 90,000 dead Americans because of the Coronavirus, and who he helped to " sacrifice" because of his pathetic ineptness, all he wants! And he can try, as this moronic president has tried, to obfuscate, distract, deflect, and lie all he wants...but the facts are, donald trump has failed the American people miserably by showing not one iota of leadership skills...not one iota of competent decision-making... not one iota of compassion...and not one iota of empathy for the families of dead Americans, who are dead through no fault of their own.

donald trump is a woeful and reprehensible disgrace to this country, and to the American people who look to the American Presidency during a time of national crisis. He can only offer his Racism and his White skin. However, as we have seen, they are simply not enough...and he has NOTHING else!

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