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"NO STORY, Movie or Documentary changes the fact the Enemy Government called the Confederacy, fought the Civil War to overthrow the United States of America and maintain Slavery. 11 states initially and 13 states ultimately, seceded from the United States of America and created the Confederacy government. The reason they seceded according to their secessionist papers..."Slavery!"

There is NOTHING heroic and noteworthy about anyperson who supported the Racist South/Confederacy. Racist Slavery supporter and a South sympathizer, United States president Andrew Johnson is a prime example. He gave all of the Confederacy treasonists...President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee, and all soldiers... a "blanket amnesty." They all should have been tried for treason, and executed for trying to overthrow the United States of America.

There was no Southern Heritage, no matter what White Southerners proclaim, other than the violent Racist, Free Labor American Christian Institution called Slavery. Slavery " birthed' White American Christian Racism. Every time I hear a Southerner say,"Confederate Memorials and Monuments represent my Southern Heritage," I hear another Lying Racist."

The Struggle Continues!

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