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Republicant? Really?


We have seen over the years how many White racist Republicant presidents have mirrored the racism of White America. In recent years, White racist Republicant presidents have taken White American Racism to another level...and...they have taken a White racist constituency right along with them with a Southern Strategy-the Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among White voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans-while capitalizing on White racial fears. Don’t say nigger; say urban, urban poor, welfare, welfare queens, the poor, disadvantaged, lazy, and your White voters will know who you are talking about.

Starting with Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, who first wielded this strategy in Richard Nixon, who perfected it in 1968 and 1972, turning the solidly Democratic South into a bastion of Ronald Reagan, who kicked off his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the same Philadelphia, Mississippi which saw law enforcement officials and Klan members kill 3 civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Other than those horrific murders, a Philadelphia, Mississippi which most Americans outside of Mississippi had never heard both Bushes...and now to the titular head of presidential racists, donald trump.

Many have written hundreds of thousand words about this degenerate president and will write hundreds of thousands more, yet it is worth stating over and over again how much of an in the face racist donald trump is, with a following of White American racists who wallow in their core racist attitudes, with him. Draft dodger incompetent donald trump is really a cowardly bully using the shield of both the American flag...such as it is...and the office of the presidency to spew his racist diatribe across the world globe. The tragedy of donald trump is, he will not change because he does not want to nor does he need to change. He has found a political “gold mine” exploiting White American racism, and since it is working why change. He is simply saying publicly what many racists have said privately. He has legitimized their private conversations, and they love it. This is the same mind set of the many Republicant presidents before him.

The real tragedy is donald trump has gotten Blacks and Black preachers—niggers, jig-aboos, jungle bunnies, handkerchief heads, bent back Negroes, Uncle Toms, Aunt Janes, pulpit pimps-take your pick--- to kneel at his racist throne and compromise their integrity or whatever it is they have, for the promise of being able to run elbows with a racist...and that is all. Forget about the financial remuneration, and forget the Black face looking back at you in the mirror.

This is America today, with the scab yanked off an oozing racist wound, which will not heal. Take heed White America and White millennials, you are responsible for donald trump, whether you admit it or not. The question is, What do you intend to do about a racist donald trump? I am betting you do NOTHING. We will soon see.

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