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Plain Talk!

LISTEN BLACK FOLKS...NO WHITE CANDIDATE MEASURES UP TO WHAT I WOULD WANT, BUT I KNOW I AM NOT GOING TO GET THAT. Yesterday, donald trump, America’s Racist-in-chief glorified Henry Ford, when he visited Michigan. Henry Ford, who started the Ford Motor Company and is considered an iconic historical figure, hated Jews and hated Blacks---a veritable Racist Anti-Semite or an Anti-Semitic Racist...take your pick. I did not hear a word from the Black experts in the peanut gallery, or the White so-called “liberals and progressives.”

Yesterday Joe Biden said, “Blacks aren’t Black, if they are considering voting for trump,” which I consider a true statement. Some Blacks took issue with that, and Biden later apologized. Now your garden variety Bent Back trump supporting Negroes are all over FOX decrying Joe Biden’s “Racist Words" -they would not know a racist word-while they are supporting one of the most incompetent Racists in the history of this country. To those Blacks I have two words... Bull Shit. And a few additional words, “BLACKS AREN’T BLACK, IF THEY ARE CONSIDERING VOTING FOR TRUMP.” Yes, the exact words Joe Biden used. So, Sue Me!

And the press who took more than three years to call donald trump a liar...and even longer to call him a racist...thinks this is a story. donald trump is a racist, and has been for a while, that, is your story.

I tire of ...NO I get pissed at...Blacks who get "upset" because White folks do not answer the way they want him or her to answer. I do not expect matter the articulate issues about Race and Racism like I would. I do not need a White elected official who KNOWS ALL the Black problems, and who knows how I feel. Whites do not know how I feel because they have not walked the perfunctory mile in my shoes. Don't ever come to my community trying to be as Black as me. Joe did not do that. He tried to point out the obvious by recognizing donald trump as the dyed-in-the-wool Racist he is. Inarticulate or not, Joe Biden spoke the truth.

I want a White candidate to be fair...and not be an expert on ME. Ask me what I think, I will tell you. Obvious WE can spot a Racist--can you say donald trump? And we can also spot a so-called White liberal/progressive in name only...there are too many. But we can also spot a White person who will listen...and I feel Joe Biden will listen. Let's not lose sight of the fact he served under President Obama for 8 years. He has made mistakes. Show me a White elected official who has not made mistakes, when it comes to US. My comments are not intended to defend anything Joe Biden has done past and present. But that is why we vote for White folks—when we really do not have a choice--and we educate them, and we vote some more.

Many Black folks who could not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 voted for Russian Imp Jill Stein, and maybe even voted for the Ignorant one, and you see where that got you. Save me the holier than thou political Righteousness. NO White elected official is a savior FOR US. Black America is still voting for the lesser of evils ...and in this election, the choice is between a Racist and one who will listen. No other question.

The Struggle Continues!

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