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Nothing from Nothing is Nothing.

America's incompetent president spoke for about 10 minutes tonight and said absolutely nothing about testing the American public for the pandemic. In fact, he said absolutely nothing ...Period! The Incompetence of a Racist trump administration and the lack of leadership of a Racist trump administration has put every life in this country at risk...and the Racist trump administration is still incompetent and still not providing leadership. Most times when the President of the United States addresses the country in a time of crisis, he gives assurances to the American people. They trust what he says, and they trust his leadership. Can you say President Barack Obama? Every time donald trump addresses the country in a time of crisis, NO ONE believes what he says. No Trust. No Leadership. No Assurances. BTW...the reaction by "his" stock market to his speech last night? The stock market is down by 2000 points as of this minute (11:48-3/12/2020). The Struggle Continues!

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