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No Bail Out White America. Can't do it. Won't do it

NO BAILING OUT A RACIST AMERICA WITH A RACIST president. This is an excerpt from an article by Columnist A. B. Stoddard, followed by my answer to her well-intentioned words.

“Dear President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama,

The moment you have sought to avoid for nearly four years is here. We are witnessing one of the worst crises to ever confront the United States and one of the worst government failures in the history of the country you served and love.

Together, you have a collective 16 years as president, during which you dealt with a number of crises: the September 11 attacks, two wars, the collapse of the financial system, and the Ebola and H1N1 outbreaks.

Both of you knew what the job of the president was in times of crisis and how to manage the basic blocking and tackling of government responses. President Donald Trump has now proven what many of us long suspected: He has not done any of this, because he cannot do it. He lacks the most basic capabilities required of a president in this moment.”

My Words...

Nice request, A. B...but...

Ignorance is not Bliss. Ignorance is just plain Ignorant. Whether anyone agrees with me or not, donald trump is ignorantly ignorant. Although I would like to see them do it, especially Barack Obama, it is not his or Bush's responsibility to save this country.

Let trump's enablers save America. Let Racist White America Save America. Let millionaires and billionaires save America. Let the 1% save America. Let the trump Rump Sniffers save America. Let Racist Republicant Governors save America. Let Moscow Mitch save America. Lret Big Oil save America. Let Big Pharma save America. Let the Insurance Industry save America. They appear to jump at donald trump's every whim.

As a Black American, I am not interested in saving America as we know it, nor am I interested in anyone bailing out this Immoral and Racist country. Black America has saved America before with Morality, Integrity and Advocating Justice For All.

Frederick Douglass saved America. Harriet Tubman saved America. Dr. Carter G. Goodwin saved America. Dr. W.E.B. DuBois saved America. James Weldon Johnson saved America. A. Philip Randolph saved America. The NAACP saved America. The Tuskegee Airmen saved America. The Montford Point Marines saved America. Charles Hamilton Houston saved America. Thurgood Marshall saved America. Rosa Parks saved America. Daisy Bates saved America. Ruby Hurley saved America. Constance Baker Motley saved America. Black America saved America when we proved in court Separate is Not Equal. Black America saved America when we advocated for a Civil Rights Bill which should not have been necessary, but which was necessary because the United States Constitution obviously does not apply to Black folks. Black America saved America when we advocated for a Voting Rights Act(s) which should not have been necessary, but which was necessary because the United States Constitution obviously does not apply to Black folks.

So, you see, Black Americans have saved America many times in the past. But saving America now under the Racist Red Meat cap...and the Racist flag and the Racist umbrella of a Racist Insecure Incompetent Inadequate Imbecilic Narcissistic donald trump? Nope. Can’t Do It. Won't Do It.

The Struggle Continues!

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