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"LIBERATE" has become a code word for armed conflict and aggression for trump's racists. It is easy to see how and why racism and evil spreads in this country based on the color of your skin. It is easy to see how a donald trump, the erstwhile Grand Dragon of America has become so embeded in the thought proceses of America's deplorables. They need a racist leader. One who says the things publicly they are thinking privately.

When donald trump calls racists "good citizens" that is their green light to continue to do what they are doing and have been doing. Patriots? Perish the word. Thus the word "Liberate" means nothing in the "Land of the Free" lexicon unless you are instigating armed violence.

donald trump, selected president of the United States is instigating and advocating armed violence against other it or not. AmeriKKKa.

The Struggle Continues!

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