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I do not expect ANY White candidate for ANY elected office to come to me as a Black voter "knowing" the problems of the Black community. You are not Black, so if you are White and campaigning for my vote, you have to listen have to have to commit to fairness...and you have to understand as a White person, you are not an expert on me.No matter the elected office, when two Whites are running, the Black community has almost always, historically and traditionally, voted for the "lesser of the evils."

Presidential elections are no different. Is Joe Biden my favorite for President? No... although he was President Obama's Vice President. My favorite was Cory Booker, followed by Kamala Harris. They are not running any more. Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee for President, and no question, he has my vote, and my family's vote.

NOW for those Black "progressives" and those White "progressives"who supported someone else for the Democratic nomination and who have problems with Biden as the Democratic Nominee, understand this, if you stay at home sulking, or if you vote for a 3rd party candidate... whomever it is a vote for donald trump. Leave the stupidity at home and vote for Joe Biden...Period... End of Story.

The Struggle Continues!

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