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Incorrect, Dishonest, and Racist American History!

HOW INSULTING, YET RACISTLY APPROPRIATE, for racist-in-chief, donald trump, a 5-deferment, draft dodging incompetent president... to go to Fort McHenry to "commemorate" Memorial Day... while the racist National anthem, written by Francis Scott Key, Racist slave owner, and an American Lieutenant during the War of 1812, plays in the background.

Francis Scott Key, born to massive slave holding wealth in Maryland, was one of the richest men in America. After becoming a Lieutenant in the War of 1812, Key led a battle against the Colonial Marines—a battalion of enslaved Blacks, and “freed” Blacks---created by the British Army, to fight with them against America in the War of 1812. Why join the British? To get freedom. America had brutally enslaved Africans/Blacks for almost 200 years in this Christian Racist country called America since 1619, and freedom was nowhere in sight. I would have fought with anyone, against you, as my oppressor. By the way, The Colonial Marines won the battle against Key and his men, whipping their asses quite handily.

Francis Scott Key was an open racist. Nothing heroic about him, no matter what White American historians say and write. He put his racism into words and actions. Key said that African Americans were “a distinct and inferior race of people.” Of course, he thought that: He came from a long line of slave owners. His family got wealthy off buying, selling, trading, and breeding Blacks while working Black human beings to death. Didn’t help his ego to take such a woodshed beating.

When reading the 3rd verse of the national anthem(?), note how Key references the “foul footstep’s” of the “hireling and slave” who “no refuge could save” from “the gloom of the grave” in the third verse of the Star Spangled Banner, he’s referring to the killing of Colonial Marines. As noted by The Root political editor Jason Johnson, “The Star-Spangled Banner is as much a patriotic song as it is a diss track to Black people who had the audacity to fight for their freedom.”

The Star Spangled Banner is a Racist National Anthem and has nothing to do with patriotism. It has everything to do with war!

As a veteran, add me to the list of those who call the American flag racist …the “Star Spangled Banner” Racist …and Francis Scott Key, the writer of the “Star Spangled Banner” racist, on THIS Memorial Day. It is very appropriate for donald trump, America's racist president to join this list.

The Struggle Continues!

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