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Deplorable, and then some.

When President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act, a pandemic was not on the horizon. It was simply humane to provide health care for Americans as a right, not a privilege.

It boggles the mind how reprehensible this idiot president is...and how he has caused human misery and death...and will continue to cause human misery and death. He continues to look over his shoulders at President Obama, and whether he admits it or not, he wishes he could come close to President Obama's quality. I have often called donald trump an "Incompetent Degenerate." Those words are no longer even close to describing this pathetic bag of skin and bones.

Think of the number of hospitals and especially rural hospitals impacted and closed...Think of the number of states-Red states-that refused providing health care and expanding coverage for their citizens...Think of those who will Not have health care for whatever comes...AND all of because Republicants would not support the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare because they did not want to give credit to America's Black President for passing much needed health care. My grandmother would have called it, "cutting off your nose to spite your face."

Medical workers are "pleading" for equipment and support to fight the Coronavirus. Instead of responding to them and this pandemic crisis with the executive orders he has at his wretched disposal, the Lying Ignorant one, whom some call president, sits on his ASS saying, "He is not a shipping clerk." In other words, it is not his responsibility to direct the ordering of desperately needed supplies. Beneath him as "president."

Let me take this opportunity to again thank all of those who voted for this vile disgraceful deplorable cretin for president.

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