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Bent-Back Whites and Uncle Charlie.


All my life, those Blacks who kissed White folks Asses, and who were obvious about their kissing preferences, we called them Uncle Toms...Aunt Janes...Handkerchief Head Niggers...and Bent Back Negroes. Well now, we have a category which deserves attention. A new cultural phenomenon.

We have White folks who pucker to kiss donald trump’s Rump every time he twitches. They even stand in line and spend whatever time is necessary to show there is no mistaking how much they enjoy their "craft." Yesterday, as a for instance, during the donald trump fake press conference at the White House, before trump's "experts" came up to talk, they first had to lavish him with praise, as if he walks on water. Reminds me of Bent Back Negro preacher Darrell Scott saying, “donald trump is the most pro- Black president I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

So what do we call White folks who fall all over themselves telling donald trump how brave he much courage he his leadership is second to none...and how God has anointed him to "lead this country?" How do we label this new White phenomenon in America. Maybe White folks kissing and sniffing White Rumps were there all along, and WE -Black folks- just did not know about it.

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