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A Few Questions...A Few Thoughts.

1) What is a perfect telephone call?

2) Why would anyone brag they made a perfect telephone call?

3) All of sudden, the White media has "discovered" racial disparity in America. What a revelation.

4)Rachel Maddox: "The United States total failure responding to the Coronavirus rests with donald trump, and donald trump alone." You nailed him again, Rachel.

5) AMERICA GETS SERIOUS about passing a trillion dollar tax cut for the super wealthy...serious about spending 2 trillion dollars + because of what the pandemic did to the economy ...serious about the Federal Reserve Bank making trillions of dollars available to the banks...but calls it a joke to seriously consider Reparations to reimburse Blacks for the trillions this country STOLE from their enslaved ancestors.

6) Why are members of the White media and White medical professionals surprised there are disproportionate Coronavirus deaths, disproportionate deaths because of a lack of health care, and disproportionate deaths during a human disaster, in the Black community, and act as if these are new revelations? They are not. Read your own statistics.

7)For those complaining about "socialism," make sure you donate your $1200 "socialism" check to a charity.

8) Racism incidents against Blacks spike during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Why?  Does there have to be a reason?  Just 'cause this is AmeriKKKa.

9) The trump administration declined to use an Obama-era pandemic preparedness playbook, according to several news sources. Why, you ask? Good question, and yet an obvious answer.

10) Pat Robertson, yes that Pat Robertson, wants the church to "stop cowering" and "command the Coronavirus to leave us." No Comment. 

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